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Apps and Tool for Android Om Bob

This is my personal useful apps and tool for android Useful apps and tool for android


For old android version use Magisk v23. For latest phone that bootlop using magisk alpha or delta latest version use the old version

Magisk For Vivo

Yeah vivo cannot use regular magisk, because the phone block su command. You can only use suu command and module in magisk. Credit goes to 4accccc
  • vivo-Magisk-suu Download | Mirror
  • vivo-Magisk-Delta-suu (Kitsune Mask) (Magisk Delta) Download | Mirror

Lsposed Shortcut

In case the icon is not present, you can dial *#*#5776733#*#* (aka LSPosed) to launch the Manager interface



Google Play Services

Lucky Patcher

Free Fake GPS



support 64 & 32 bit phone

Retrofit Dynamic Partition File

Disable Encrytion

Flashable zip (from twrp)

Magisk Module (zip)

Android apps (APK)

Recording sound with enhancement

  • Dolby On: Record Audio & Music – Apps on Google Play
  • Lexis Audio Editor
  • Audio Lab


Versatile mounting utility for folders, disk images, LUKS/LUKS2 encrypted volumes, regular partitions and more, to bind folder on Internal storage to external, e.g bind Android/obb to sdcard.

Tested on Magisk 19.4, on magisk 20.4 failed

Flash using magisk
open terminal
type su > enter > fbind > enter
type su 1 > enter
type folder name that u want to mount from internal to exernal SD
e.g : Android/obb dan download
Android/obb > enter
download > enter

Tools for Porting Android ROM