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Best Magisk Modules Gaming For Gaming 2021 Fix Lag and Increase FPS

Best Magisk Modules Gaming For Fix Lag and Increase FPS for (Pubg Mobile, Mobile Legend)

    This module aim to improve kernel / ram management between efficiency and energy aware. Using a complex algorithm, it determine the most optimal settings between battery and performance for your device.
    NFS improve your overall experience, as well as specifically enhances PUBG performance, Others Games also.
    Very simple to use, You just install it and it will handle everything else. This tool is, in part proactive .
    It takes heavily into account, the amount of memory on your device, to calculate the appropriate values.
    Excellent multitasking and memory management.
    Improve Standby, as well as screen battery life – A smooth and fluid,overall enhanced,user experience.
  • GPU Turbo_Boost
    This module aims to increase Android powered devices by up to 75% but at the same time reduces power consumption by up to 25% seamlessly.
  • LKT by Korom42
    LKT can identify your hardware and tweak your kernel for maximum power efficiency without deteriorating performance
  • Android RAM management fixes by crok
    Tweak the memory management of the device, enable more background apps, virtual Memory, etc
    If you are using MIUI ROM please disable MIUI optimization and MIUI memory optimization
  • Low-RAM_Config+_for_Magisk-v2.0