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Top Magisk Modules for Gamers: Boost FPS and Eliminate Lag

Work for android 9++ devices on on latest Magisk 25.2. Tested on xiaomi, samsung, realme. The Module include cpu boost & gpu performance, fast charging, faster scrolling, Responsive touch, network stability & other performance tweak

This module can boost you phone performance espcially in game such as Call of Duty Mobile, Mobile Legend, Free Fire and other Game.

Notes For This Tutorial

  • I will try to keep update this page
  • Use at your own risk! I am not responsible for your actions
  • Make sure USB debugging is connected to your PC. If there something wrong u can remove the module using CMD without format your data, check the tutorial here


ML+_Stable_Edition_v3.1.2-Final | Download

  • unlock ultra 120fps

NEW Brutal busybox

By FeraVolt | Download

Must have module! This is supporting module for other module

Brutal busybox with almost all available applets. Compiled with NDK clang + LTO + Ofast + llvm polly. Has all Android NDK patches. ARMv7/ARMv8, x86/x86-64.

Flush RAM v1.9 Reborn

By @WeAreRavenS | Download

Clear RAM cache and force stop all apps to get more free RAM before playing games. Use commands from Termux su -c flush (Safe), su -c flush2 (Aggressive), su -c flush3 (Extreme), or suc flush5 (Custom & Background Limit Process).

Dalvik Hyperthreading

By modulostk | Download

This module helps performance in general and more when playing because it prevents overheating and without extra battery wear.

TherMods v2.0

Disable Thermal Mods By @WeAreRavenS | Download

Workaround disabling thermal throttling mods. The script will look for the thermal configuration on your device and disable it systemlessly.


By @revWhiteShadow | Download

INCREASE ANDROID RAM, Max Your swap upto 20GB!

MRB Feel The Power VII

Merbangi Esport 2 By Ozi Naufal | Download

All in 1 inject device to stability performance